Super Fetishes: Man In Giant Blow-Up Superman Suit

April 17, 2012


This is a five-minute (read: four minutes too long) video of a guy blowing himself up in a giant inflatable Superman costume. Why is he wearing a mask? Probably to hide his identity from Lex Luther people who might recognize him from his dating profile. Telling a girl you get your rocks off by blowing yourself up in a Superman costume isn't the kind of thing you want to drop on the first date. I mean, I understand everybody has their fetishes, but come on -- this is ridiculous. "Aren't you into dinos?" IT'S CALLED CLASSIC BEAUTY.

Hit the jump for the video, he wallows around on the ground like he just got kryptonited around 4:15.

Lights Out []

Thanks to Austin, who's just happy dude didn't start putting vegetables up his ass. SAME.

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