So It's Come To This: Marvel-Licensed Leather Chairs

April 20, 2012


This is a series of faux-leather gaming chairs from DreamSeat (pfft -- my dreamseat is the captain's chair of a spaceship) with licensed Marvel character back graphics. Per copy/pasted product description because it's Friday afternoon and I went out drinking last night because I just couldn't wait another day:

The XZipit Video Game Rocker immerses you right in your favorite video game, music or movie. It incorporates built in stereo headrest speakers, sub-woofer and plug-in support for IPods, MP3's, CD players, home theater or video game systems

Pro series electronics and vibrations with volume and base controls.
Wireless kit with clear reception up to 150ft
Durable high grade synthetic leather upholstery with padded arms.

A chair will set you back $400 but can't be returned when you find out you can't see the graphic when you're sitting in it. Ooooooor just regret buying it in the first place. You know what chair you won't regret buying? A beanbag one. Those things are the shit. Well, at least until all the little balls start coming out. Then they get even better.

Thanks to SuperDan, who just bought one of each. Me? I've had the same Lay-Z-Boy for six years and have every intention of dying in it with my eyes open.

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