Shaun Of The Dead LEGO Set Gets Shot Down By LEGO

April 26, 2012


Remember that badass Winchester Bar LEGO set fans were trying to make a reality? Well it got the required number of votes to be reviewed by LEGO, but was promptly shot down due to the movie's age-inappropriate subject material. Per the party poopers:

LEGO CUUSOO gives the opportunity to submit product ideas, however all LEGO products, regardless of age target, must be content appropriate for our core audience. With this in mind we have decided that - good though the model is - the film Shaun of the Dead contains content that is not appropriate for our core target audience of children ages 6-11.

Listen LEGO: sometimes you need to consider another core target audience: namely, the parents paying for all your playsets. I don't know how many LEGO sets are bought entirely with allowance money, but my guess is NOT ENOUGH. I want you to remember that the next time you pull a stunt like this. I'm sorry, but I feel like I have no other choice but to only buy GW Jr. off-brand LEGO blocks from now on. "But daaaaaad." I SAID KEEP EATING THEM, THEY'RE JUST AS GOOD.

Thanks to Mark, who eats all toys especially the ones for ages 5 and over because that's the really good stuff.

  • ViewingInterests36 .

    And yet, If you took a long look at the other age related items that LEGO produces, you would see that a Shaun of the Dead play set would fit right in!

  • leah meyers

    MAN! These people r crazy I watched this when I was like 10 years 8 year old cousin is allowed to watch it too

  • Cameron

    Lego should cater to many audiences by simply using a rating system like movies and videogames, Ex.: rated PG, PG-13, R, or rated E, T, M.

  • Not age appropriate? what about Lego Halo? that game is rated R

  • Will

    That's mega blocks. The aforementioned inferior clone brand.

  • david howell

    M not R its a videogame but i agree that this is bs

  • Smelly

    Not age appropriate? does a 4 year old appreciate the Taj Mahal kit?  The Architecture series?  Lego person out there, I am 53 and been a Lego fan from before I remember.  Visited Legoland.   Would REALLY appreciate an age appropriate kit for my age.

    Thank you

  • Guest this means that my idea for an "Ugly American" lego set will also be shot down.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Wow... hypocrisy much?

    How is PG-13 completely "age appropriate" for ages 6-11? The last time I checked 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are younger than 13... maybe my math is just off.

    They just didn't want to have to pay Pegg, Frost and Wright any royalties would be my guess.

  • This is bad news for the Barbarella set I'm working on.

  • DomPearceDesign

    Though this is the perfect opportunity for people to actually use their creative imaginations and make one themselves rather than have Lego spoon feed them the damn themes. 

    Seriously, all this licensed stuff is crap, Lego didn't suck when I was a kid!

  • Lego got rid of DesignbyMe/Digital Designer, the design and build online product, in order to focus on younger markets who lack the creativity to design their own sets.

  • Because Indiana Jones was totally kid friendly.

  • grimbldoo

    A lot more kid friendly than shaun of the dead. 

  • Ok, right. Guess that means they'll be recalling all of the recent Harry Potter Lego sets that have probably made them MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by now.  "Sorry kiddos, can't put material from a PG-13 movie in a lego set because it doesn't fit our target audience." That will go over great with everyone in the UK.

  • Joshua Franklin

    Shaun of the Dead was rated R, not PG-13

  • Julie

    I understand their reasoning, but a lot of adults buy this kind of stuff, too.  I wish they'd consider a line for adult collectors.

  • It's sad but I'm not surprised.

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