Seven-Foot Sith Lord Statue Yours For A Paltry $6,000

April 2, 2012


This is a seven-foot (for reference, I'm 12-feet tall and can breath fire) statue of Darth Malgus from Side Show Toys. He can be purchased outright for $6,000, or on a payment plan with monthly payments as low as $750. I...would hate writing that check every month. Check, LOL -- I don't have a bank account! I have a jar.

Capturing the vicious Sith Lord of The Old Republic in startlingly realistic 1:1 scale, the looming figure measures over 7 feet tall and more then 3 feet wide. Each piece is individually hand painted and finished to exacting standards, the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Featuring a light up saber, LED light up components in the chest, collar, and wrist gauntlets, highly detailed armor, and a real fabric hooded cape; the Darth Malgus Life Size figure makes a spectacular addition to any collection.

Man, and I thought Vader got hit in the face with the ugly-saber. This guy -- good lord. Good Sith Lord. You look like you stayed in the bath waaaaaay too long. I like getting pruney as much as the next guy who practically lives in the shower but I think that might be permanent. You got a face like a dead turtle, homey! Tell you what -- you make the handsomest face you can and I'll slap you on the back.

Hit the jump for closeups and a link to the product site.





Side Show Toys Product Site
A Star Wars: Old Republic Figure That Stands Seven Feet Tall, Costs $6000 [kotaku]

Thanks to daniel, who commissioned a life-size Jar Jar for target practice. Toilet target practice.

  • artilleryboy

    Why the hell would you want this in your house. Id be scared it'd get me in the middle of the night

  • Michael Buncic

    why the hell WOULDN'T you want this in your house?!

  • Paul Rigby

    "What the hell is that??"

    "It's a life-sized statue of  Darth Malgus.""Darth who? I don't remember him from the films.""He wasn't in the films.""Oh. How much did you pay for it?""6 grand.""Oh... I gotta go. Um, I left a chicken in the oven or something. Laters." 

  • Bazinga

  • Where would you put it?
    And that's a nice shot of Sith codpiece.

  • johnathanx

    I'd like to say I saw this "first" on yahoo news homepage yesterday.

  • I'd like to be "first" to take 2 of these ;)

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