Sadness: Eight Of Top Ten Most Highlighted Passages On Amazon Kindles Are Hunger Games Quotes (Bad Ones)

April 25, 2012


Because depressing is the new happy, according to Amazon statistics, eight of the top ten most highlighted book passages come from the Hunger Games series. Granted I didn't bother doing any research to see what overall percentage of Amazon Kindle purchases ARE Hunger Games books, but that's only because journalistic integrity is dead and I'd rather talk about my peenor. Some highlights (read: lowlights) from the list:

1. Because sometimes things happen to people and they're not equipped to deal with them.
4. It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.
5. "I just want to spend every possible minute of the rest of my life with you," Peeta replies.
6. "I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever," he says.

I...don't even know what to say. "Just please say you weren't one of the people who highlighted those quotes." Oh hell no -- I ONLY HUNGER GAME IN HARDBACK, SON. I'm lying -- I didn't even know what the Hunger Games were until a friend asked me if I wanted to go see the movie and I found out it wasn't a competitive eating documentary. Now THAT -- that I would go see (especially if theaters ran an all-you-can-eat nachos promotion).

Thanks to Kim, who peppered her email with other quotes from the books that were entirely lost on me, and I'm okay with that (the being lost on me part -- not people quoting Hunger Games in Geekologie tips).

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