Romanian Children Band Covering Rammstein Metal Song

April 19, 2012


In case you haven't haven't seen it, here's a video of Romanian children Stephan (10), Olga (8) and Cornelia (5) covering Rammstein's classic 'Sonne'. They do a good job. Like, a really good job. And, whether you believe letting your children perform metal songs is okay or not, I think we can all agree anything's better than training them to be gypsy swindlers like the rest of Romanian children. "GW!" ...Was that racist?

Hit the jump to see the special guest performers at my next BBQ doing their thing.

Thanks to John and IronMaiden or GTFO, who were both in child bands that eventually turned into adult bands because they don't live in Neverland.

  • Tyler Durden

    All right all right so:

    Gypsies are a nomadic tribe that started going out of India around 2500 BC and eventually developed into a sub-rase itself with it's own many branches according to the geographical region of where they spread. Check the google man for more information on that.

    Oh, and by the way most of americans are from generations of imigrants that came either from europe or the continent of africa, while in present days ustedes hablan mas en espanol en toda el pais de America which means that you now have even more races to deal with. So the basic anthropological consequence here is that: You sir, by all logical, historical and fact-orientated proof are an ignorant. This may be due to the fact that living in a relative "young land" after the british kicked your nuts and before you won your independence you developed somewhat of a national paranoid schizophrenic impulse and went on through with that. In plain terms, you may be classified as being in the puberty stage of evolution.

    Was I racist?

  • Moi

    These kids actually opened for Rammstein last night. Unbelievable.

  • For the guy that wrote the article:Kiss my Romanian ass you dick!!!

  • They have electricity in Romania?

  • Fuck off dick head!!!

  • Fuck you !  don't be an ignorant . 

  • phillip reyes

    This band is nothing without that drummer. 

  • ana

    I am so fucking proud of being Romanian now! Also, proud that not every kid listens to those gipsy songs. My faith in the next generations has grown now :D

  • Pewtred

    I laughed soo hard after watching the drummer girl for a while! She is good and very comical! 

  • Gypsies are a minority in Romania just like black people are in America for example. They are different race than Romanians, nigga. Was i racist ?

  • Robert Calinescu

    Dont be naive, not every Romanian is a gypsy. Its hurts that they go arround and ruin the general reputation of your cassual Romanian. Oh, FYI the second most spoken language at Microsoft is Romanian ;) Thats why Windows is so crappy go figure hohoho.

  •  Yeah, cause that's how we role!

  • YourDon

    Olga is gonna be the perfect goth girl in future. I love how her shirt ironically reads "hope" when there is none. She has the bad-ass demeanor right from the way she flicks her hair to the way she keeps a stoic face throughout the performance. Well done kid!

  • Chad Burton

    bad ass so glad its not rap

  • i think the problem with the drummer seeming so creepy is that her sense of rhythm is just too deep for her to be that small. It's almost unbelievable she can control her arms in a way that would produce the beats required. Read: that girl will be a fuck of a drummer some day.

  • Immediately after shooting this, the drummer girl left to collect the rent from Will Ferrel... (if you don't get that, I can't help you...)

  • Emmitt Morgans

     She also asked for four beers...

  • With an eye mask :-)

  • Sooo cute!

  • Jason Beson

    Anyone else totally creeped out by the little drummer kid!?!?

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