Remember Her?: 56 Star Tattoos Face Girl, 3 Years Later

April 16, 2012


Girl, has anybody told you you've got the starry-est eyes they've ever seen? Well they were making fun of you.

Remember Kimberley? She's the girl who got 56 stars tattooed on her face, realized it was a bad idea, then tried to sue the artist by claiming she only asked for three but fell asleep during the procedure and he just kept adding them. Well here she is three years later. Has she learned from her mistakes? Learn, LOLOL.

Last summer she was preparing to shell out £9,000 [~$14,000] for laser surgery and said she hoped to have the design removed by the end of September.

But, almost three years after the 21-year-old decided to go under the needle, the constellation shows little sign of fading.

Miss Vlaeminck said she avoided going out in public because the tattoos made her feel like a 'freak'.

Though laser treatment has been shown to be a effective way of removing ink, even the most advanced technology would leave white marks across her face.

I dunno, I say just own your mistake. Maybe get into some live action role-playing and be like a sorceress or something. Then get a crescent moon tattooed around your other eyeball -- that would look pretty awesome. "GW!" Shhhhhhhh -- I think she might actually go for it.

Still starstruck: Young Belgian's misery three years after she had 56 tattoos on her face [dailymail]

Thanks to Thumperchick, who agrees when you decide to get stars tattooed on your face, you should probably start with one GO BIG OR GO HOME. What are you, a fraidy cat?!

  • rickl

    I don't care for tattoos at all, but she is very beautiful and those are the best face tattoos I've ever seen.

  • Deksam

    Much better then the "Boyfriend's name on my face" girl, I wonder if she regrets that minimum wage of a life decision yet?

  • Guest

    the moon thing might actually look allright

  • Leland_Gaunt

    I'd hit it.

  • Erkan Nehir

    im a tattoo artist and i dont believe she fell asleep while havin that tattoo. thats the silliest excuse ever. it impossible to fall asleep when havin a tattoo on ur face....

  • James Synkgar

    so, was she knocked unconscious that she didnt notice the excruciating pain of 56 stars?

  • Jared

    A few weeks after she claimed this happened she came out and admitted she lied and she actually asked for 56 stars, but her dad was mad so she lied and said she had fallen asleep when she asked for only 3 stars. Why is this story not dead when she's full of BS?

  • Elat

    Did you never do something that made your parents mad, and you tried to lie about it ?
    Ease up a bit...

  • Go to Walmart and get Wrecking Balm if you don't want surgery. It works.

  • Mhase

    I think she is beautiful! and i don't normally think face tattoos are a good idea. I too think it just brings out her beautiful eyes and beautiful face! don't get surgery Own This! you she looks great!

  • Amber

    try olive oil baby oil and Vitamin e oil and makeup to hide scars

  • I happen to think it's extremely hot and shows character. Stand behind your decision to be different...and when others see things so different they see them as imperfections...I on the other hand see imperfections as glad about who you are and the different character and personality you bring to the human race. That's the problem now days people ridicule one another due to their own insecurities. Take the condemnation as compliments. Haters are going to be haters cause they are not happy with themselves...look at the fame your indifference has gotten happy and live life to it's fullest. you only live once.!

  • Shaun9lives

    She's a very pretty girl.  If she'd just rock the tats with a bit of confidence it'd look hot.

    Problem is, everyone now instantly knows she's that lying girl from the internet who tried to sue someone for no reason.  That's got to be hard to live down, or hard to get anyone to trust her again.

  • Beautiful girl should count her blessings and get on with her life.

  • babamonkey

    slightly excessive but idk, i think it looks kinda pretty. strange to say this about a girl with tattoos across her face but it adds a air of innocence to her /shrug

  • Azariel_z

    That and pole dancing..why not?

  • For not liking them she really isn't trying very hard. Covering those up with makeup would be a breeze. She doesn't look bad with them though.

  • syl vanas

    I remember when she first got them she looked absolutely terrible. Honestly, they look really good on her now.

  • Jadis

    Really this can go a few ways. She can own it, like it, and flaunt it (cover it with makeup designed to cover tats for work) and get over it. Hell, add a couple more for fluidity.  Maybe go all the way down that side with it.  Get a moon on her butt cheek on the way down. 
    Or she can pay the dough and get them removed and have scars. 
    Or just get a few removed and keep the 'three she asked for'. 
    Either way, she's kinda stuck with them. Might as well have some fun. Color in the hollow ones to match her outfit everyday with a face paint or cream eye shadow. 
    In the end this whole story is the reason why she should have tried it out first by drawing it it on with something less permanent, like a magic marker. Stays on for a few days and doesn't leave scares when removed. 

  • Do you know there's a company making a tattoo ink that, when hit with a certain wavelength of laser light, vanishes like it was never there?

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