Professor Physics His Way Out Of A $400 Traffic Ticket

April 16, 2012


Dmitri Krioukov, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, managed to use his physics knowledge to successfully argue his way out of a $400 traffic ticket to a judge for (allegedly) failing to stop at a stop sign. gonna have to try that next time. I dunno, f***ing light particles and shit, man! Can I leave now? Court depresses me.

As Physics Central explains, because the police officer was around 30m from the intersection where the stop sign was situated, "a car approaching the intersection with constant linear velocity will rapidly increase in angular velocity from the police officer's perspective"

The physicist even created graphs showing what happens would have happened to his angular velocity if he had either been driving at a constant linear velocity or had made a quick stop then accelerated back to speed, which is what he claims happens (actually, he sneezed, causing him to brake harder than usual). It was during this sneeze stop that another vehicle obscured the police officer's view of Krioukov's car, argues the paper.

Not bad, Dmitri! I guess it's better than the old, "Sorry I got distracted -- my girlfriend was touching my peenor" excuse. No, no it's not. That's the best excuse EVER. For anything.

Physicist Writes Mathematical Study to Avoid Traffic Ticket [wired]

Thanks to BBlase and Michael, who get out of traffic tickets the old fashioned way: winning the car chase.

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