Pop A Wheelie!: Dog With T-Rex Legs Gets Custom Wheels

April 27, 2012


Dude, he is CATCHING AIR.

This is Roosevelt (named after President Franklin Roosevelt, who became wheelchair-bound after contracting Polio). Roosevelt was born with malformed front legs (picture after the jump -- they kinda look like a t-rex's) but it's all good now because wheelchair pet specialist Eddie's Wheels made him a sweet set of -- what are those, 10's? There's a video after the jump which shows him speeding around on his wheels and may or may yes have brought a tear to my eye because he still moves his gimpy little legs like he's running. My only complaint? Everyone in the video calls him Rose and Rosie for short. Rose, seriously? He didn't show Leonardo DiCaprio his tits on the Titanic.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and the video.



Thanks to MaryAnn, who challenged me to not make a Gilligan's Island reference in her shoutout. CHALLENGE FAILED.

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