Pentagon's Mach 20 Jet Failed After Its Skin Ripped Off

April 24, 2012


Remember the Mach 20 (~15,000 MPH) unmanned jet the pentagon was testing to carry out its dirty little conspiracies? And remember how it lost communication part way through its flight? Well it turns out that was because its skin tore off and it crashed down into the Pacific because it was going so fast that outside friction was heating the jet's exterior to ~3,500-degrees Fahrenheit (1,925 C). I'm gonna be honest, my skin probably wouldn't last long at those temperatures either. Because one time I got into a hot tub that was only like 120-degrees and I thought I was gonna die. Then I had two wine coolers and I was all, "Whee! I'm gonna take my top off!"

Thanks to Bryan, who likes his supersonic jets the same way he likes his pudding: with no skin on top.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Holy fuck. The goddamn thing was travelling at 13 000 miles per hour. Thirteen motherfucking thousand motherfucking miles per motherfucking hour!!!

  • No. It would be travelling at approximately 15 000 mph. MACH 20 is 15 224.141 mph.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Yeah, except it never reached 15 000 mph. It failed while traveling at approximately 13 000 mph. Anyhow, regardless of the fact that you're wrong, it's still ridiculously fast.

  • Motherfucking fast?

  • Azariel_z

    Nope, Ludicrous Speed !!!

  •  They've gone to plaid.

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