Palm Readers: Banks Rolling Out Biometric ATMs

April 12, 2012


Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in Japan is introducing ATMs to the market that authenticate a user with a hand-scan, birth date and PIN instead of a card. That way you can't use the excuse, "I forgot my bank card" when you don't have cash for dinner. Me? I always sneak out through the kitchen and pocket some dinner rolls on the way.

On top of being convenient, the machines are also a necessary response to the large number of ATM cards and personal IDs lost in last year's devastating earthquake.

No word how much Japanese police expect severed limb related crimes to increase, but my guess is significantly considering the country's abundance of ninja swords.

Palm-Scanning ATMs of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who doesn't have a bank account, just a shit-ton of buried jars and a really crappy map.

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