Over The Shoulder Boulder (+ iPhone) Holder: Purse Bra

April 30, 2012


Boob-dialing: up 2,000% since 2012.

This is the Joeybra, a bra with an elastic pocket on the side that's large enough to hold your phone, cash, and credit cards. How you're supposed to access them is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with taking your shirt off in public.

Women: What a stupid idea.
Men: Invention of the year!
Geekologie Writer: I need one with a B cup for the left breast and an A on the right.

Hit the jump for a couple videos, neither of which involved nipples and can be skipped.


Thanks to Jamie and Olaf the Nude, one of which has to keep his credit cards clenched between his buttcheeks.

  • This type of bra is perfect in securing your small things like Phone and money to be stolen. Many women had used this type of bra because snatchers and hold-uppers are rampant nowadays.

  • Irene McCalphin

    ummmm the model is wearing a cold shoulder... 

  • GeekologieCommenter

    WTS Titty Cancer

  • Janel Smith-McClain


  • Mark Pocock


  • Azariel_z

    For Iphone users ..health is overrated...

  • Firstly, I have an irrational fear of mobile phones (DON'T JUDGE ME!) and so don't need any were to carry one. Secondly, I tend to wear shirts and t-shirts so I don't think it would be easy to get to the pockets in these bras. The girl in the first video only has one strap on her dress - she didn't try to get anything out of the side with the strap on. Thirdly, I can keep things in my bra - if I so choose - with out the need to have pockets in the band.

  • Shaun9lives

    I don't think this is really designed for daily wear.  In jeans and a t-shirt, one could just use normal pockets, or most women carry a purse.  I believe it's more appealing for evening/cocktail/formal/and/or/club wear.  Where a lady likely won't have pockets and might not want keep up with a purse all night.  

    Furthermore, based on the model, I'm assuming this more handy for women whose modest proportions don't allow for storage of large items in the bra cup.  

    Could also be a nice safety/backup area to store a passport and some spare cash when traveling in areas known for pick-pockets or muggings.  

  • Shaun9lives

    Cause everybody wants pit sweat on their iPhone.

  • I rock a G and I'm not keeping my phone between my sweaty boobs. That space is reserved for stealing shot glasses. I keep it on the SIDE of my sweaty boobs, in the cup, not the band. When going to a club I don't want to carry a purse to, I've always put my cash & ID in the side band of my bra, next to my skin. It's a built in pocket right there. I have a hard enough time finding a bra that fits, let alone one with a pocket sewed on it.

  • Leopard? They are not keeping up with Apple's pace

  • 3wordisbond7


  • This_Update_Sucks

    They make these for small caliber pistols too.

  • Marcus Como

    Anyone rocking a c-cup or better can just stick their phone in the cleavage.  If you're smaller than that, nobody is calling you anyway.

  • disqus_lxMUKc2hJY

    if its more than a mouth full then its a waste.

  • cyncity

    LMAO. I thought this was totally sexist, but I just put my Palm 800w under my breast and it fit perfectly and did not move.

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