Oh You Know, Just A Giant Spider Eating A Snake

April 19, 2012


Here's a couple pictures of a giant golden orb spider eating a brown tree snake in some dude's garden in Cairns, Australia. You know, because apparently that's what spiders in Australia do -- they eat f***ing snakes. *cancels Australian leg of Geekologie world tour*

"A few times the snake managed to get up and attack the spider, and the spider would run back up the web.

"I would have put my money on the snake for sure, especially seeing how big it was."

Mr Hadleigh estimated the tree snake to be around half a metre long and was alive for "an hour or more" after being caught in the spider's web, before finally succumbing to the crafty arachnid's venom.

"You could see the spider just chewing into it and the part which the spider was eating had gone all black and the insides were bubbling," he said.

First of all, no. Second of all, if you see a spider eating a snake outside your place you do NOT run and grab your camera to start taking pictures. You run and grab the gasoline and you burn that house to the ground and f***ing MOVE. Preferably to an airship above the clouds.

Hit the jump for two more shots and a video of the oh God now I'm all itchy and paranoid.


Thanks to Nick, who agrees this is exactly what hairspray and a lighter was made for.

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