Nowhere To Hide: DARPA's Legged Robot Uses Stairs

April 12, 2012


This is a video featuring the latest advancement in DARPA's humanoid robots: the ability to navigate stairs. They already know how to push elevator buttons, so basically they can go anywhere they want now. That's why there aren't any stairs in my house -- only fireman's poles. Granted I'm too weak to climb them and haven't been upstairs in over a year, but they do double as stripper poles. *wink* ...Maybe you didn't notice, but I just winked at you. *wink* Dammit, that's your cue to floss a dollar in my buttcrack -- DO IT NOW.

Hit the jump for the OH COME ON.

Robots Need Not Be Humanoid to Compete in New DARPA Challenge
DARPA Robot Now Conquers Stairs: Their Getting Stronger! [teachmeawesome]

Thanks to Ben, Haircurt (??), notonmywatch (good -- we need more people like you!) and Jaclyn, who just added "buy a sledgehammer and destroy all the stairs at home" to their weekend to-do lists.

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