No: Glass-Floored Bathroom Over 15-Story Elevator Shaft

April 27, 2012


This is a penthouse bathroom from a condo in Guadalajara, Mexico that was built over an old 15-story elevator shaft. terrifying. Could you imagine even using that toilet? I'd have to tie a towel around myself and then anchor it to the towel bar. And what happens if you just need to go the bathroom and somebody at the bottom looks up and sees your peenor? Because it's gonna look miiiiiiiiiighty tiny from 15-stories down. They might even start rumors around the building about you. Psst -- you know the guy who lives up in the big penthouse? I heard he's trying to make up for something. So, yeah, besides drowning I can't think of anything scarier than the thought of plummeting 15 stories. Yes, yes I can -- plummeting 15 stories with your f***ing pants around your ankles.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the I think I'll just go in my pants instead.



  • Micahkeziah

    Great! love the design of that toilet..LOL..looks creepy but loved it!..
    x, Micah
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  • Eva Karea

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  • I haven't seen these kind of washrooms these are very unique and one can't make the use of these washrooms according to me. I thinks these are little bit scary, I don't like these but anyways thanks for posting.

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  • sonexay silaphet

    if it looks fake, just break the glass and let me know how that works out

  • djcorbijn

    Like there aren't enough things in Mexico to make one involuntarily shit their pants to begin with.

  • What if there was one on every floor? Look up, it's meet your neighbor week!

  • Well, that would help me take a shit more easily.

  • Adibobea9

    So, it's and outhouse disguised as a modern bathroom...

  • matt hall

    *bit of water on floor*
    *dink!* Hits head.

  • Obi_Juan

    At least when you shit your pants you'll be near a toilet 

  • Japanese tourists will pay good money to stand at the bottom and take pictures.

  • Azariel_z

    I do Agree with your comment 

  • phillip reyes

    This would help me get over my fear of heights. 

  • rikster81

    I would do the three p's there puke,piss,and poop myself standing over there!

  • Ickolith

    Whole lot of NOPE in that bathroom.

  • Guest

    A bathroom worthy of Fear Factor. Old reference, it seems worth a try.

  • JimmyThr

    well If you didn't want to take a shit before coming into the should probably get out

  • Ralfone

    I was kinda thinking it would be hard to un-pucker your b-hole bein so freaked out looking down...

  • Miles Roldan

    This looks fake. Like it's just a one-way mirror on top, another mirror on the bottom, and with the lights it looks like it goes on forever.  Also cuz of the way the light fades in a rather distinct pattern on the wall as you look down the "elevator shaft."

  • colin twigg

    but then wouldn't you also get a reflection of the metal struts going from corner to corner reflected in the mirror too...?

  • Just because it's on the internet why do people always jump to the "FAKE" conclusion right away.

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