No Diving Board?: Highrise With Glass Pool Balconies

April 20, 2012


Want a condo with a glass-walled pool balcony? Me neither. I just want one with my own washer and dryer. You'd never guess how many people in my building don't clean the lint-trap after a load of laundry. Unless you guessed all of them -- it's like a pube rainbow in there. This the Bandra Ohm, a 30-story skyscraper designed by James Law Cybertecture to be built in India. Each residential unit features a glass-walled pool for a balcony. Don't want a pool? Turn it into a turtle pond! "I like tuttles." Haha, I know you do, Zombie Jonathan -- I know you do.

Hit the jump for a shot of the whole building.


Thanks to Pesche, who has a tropical beach themed balcony complete with tiki bar and HOLY SHIT WHEN CAN I COME OVER?

  • Angila

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  • John Howard

    This is probably the coolest pool I have ever seen. I think it would be nice to stay in a hotel that has a pool like this. I think the frameless glass pool fencing makes the pool look really nice.

  • The main disadvantage to a pool made of fiberglass is water must always remain inside, which avoids structural damage to fiberglass, such as cracking and buckling. Another disadvantage is that the pools are prefabricated, and so because they cannot be customized, you have to choose from the available sizes. Because the pool is prefabricated, the property layout must be wide enough to allow for the size of the pre-constructed pool.

  • Glass pool fencing is the ideal selection to install, for all your safety purposes. You should keep in mind that you are ordering high quality glass fences, in order to make sure that your kids will be safe. It is the perfect choice because it is very difficult for anyone to climb over it. Glass pool fencing can be chosen with a huge range of color selection and you can provide your pool an apparent appearance. The use of glass exposes a special liveliness not only to your home but office as well.

  • Azariel_z

    And shaped like a Vagina , how original...

  • Azariel_z

    cannot unseen...( late )

  • sohail sidique

    I'm personally questioning what would happen when someone divebombs into this

  • artilleryboy

    Im happy with having a pool in my backyard

  • matt hall

    It's unsafe because it looks incredibly easy to slip over near the edge on that polished wooden floor then fall to your death...

  • Never mind the pool balconies! Is that some sort of giant monsters egg in the middle of the building?

  • I'm still waiting for the followup story where one of those panels falls out and all the water rushing out the hole sucks some richy rich asshole out and plops his/her dead ass out on the street 20 floors below. 

    I mean I don't wish that on anyone but I'm just sayin, someday that will be the latest headline.
    "Balcony Pool Hotel, Maybe Not Such A Good Idea After All" 

  • Guest

    fucking selfish

  • hand me my BB gun this is gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel. :D

  • Jonathan Slamko

    How is it unsafe or unfeasible...  has no one ever seen a glass bottom pool in hotels or bars? 

  •  Those aren't 'glass': they are 4" thick transparent acrylic. The fact that the render shows it that thin is evidence this is a pie-in-the-sky project.

    Google "
    10th Floor Swimming Pool Hotel Joule, Dallas Texas"

  • Guest

    That really doesn't look safe.  It would be more preferable to have one indoors, so I can swim all year round.

  • Bertw192

    It's in India dude... at 80 degrees in the winter... I think you'd be ok
    swimming outdoors.

  • Ian A Boyd

    It's feasible alright and is going to be built most likely. I just wouldn't want to swim in them cause well if the glass breaks you better be a fucking good swimmer, tall enough/and or strong enough to survive the force of the water pulling you out to your death.

  • bakuryu

    If you are fast enough you can slow down the falling swimming vertically in the falling water and land safely on your feet.

  • Brian


  • Mike Powers

    Yeah, that is my concern exactly. I'm sure it could be built, but what happens when the glass breaks and you fall to your doom?

  • You could slip on the wood, fall, and slam straight into that glass.

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