No Diving Board?: Highrise With Glass Pool Balconies

April 20, 2012


Want a condo with a glass-walled pool balcony? Me neither. I just want one with my own washer and dryer. You'd never guess how many people in my building don't clean the lint-trap after a load of laundry. Unless you guessed all of them -- it's like a pube rainbow in there. This the Bandra Ohm, a 30-story skyscraper designed by James Law Cybertecture to be built in India. Each residential unit features a glass-walled pool for a balcony. Don't want a pool? Turn it into a turtle pond! "I like tuttles." Haha, I know you do, Zombie Jonathan -- I know you do.

Hit the jump for a shot of the whole building.


Thanks to Pesche, who has a tropical beach themed balcony complete with tiki bar and HOLY SHIT WHEN CAN I COME OVER?

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