NO CLONES: Conceptual Star Wars Condom Wrappers

April 4, 2012


This is a series of conceptual Star Wars condom wrappers from Milan designer Benedetto Papi, who has a bitchin' Italian name (and presumably an equally bitchin' moped). Each package comes with a character's face and phrase on it, which were all okay except for Yoda's (Do or do not. There is no try) and Darth Vader's (May The Force Be With You) which both sound entirely inappropriate printed on a condom wrapper. I blame George Lucas.

Hit the jump for four more of the please, wrap it up.





Benedetto's Behance Portfolio
Wrap Up Your 'Sabers' With These Star Wars Condoms [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry-re, who always calls condoms dong-bags because he's classy.

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