Never The Same Place Twice: Lightning Strike World Map

April 18, 2012


Note: Larger version HERE for a better view.

This is a world map of lightning strikes as measured in lightning flashes per square kilometer per year. And the winner is...the heart of Africa! Congratulations, now we need to find out a way to turn that into usable electricity. You know how they say lightning never strikes the same place twice? Well that's a lie. Because one time I was talking to this old-timer at the bar and he told me he'd been struck twice -- both times in the head. I believe him too. He said the second bolt made his pecker stop working, and that's not something you lie about to make people think you're cool.

A map of where lightning strikes most across the globe [io9]

Thanks to Rezah, who tried to harness lightning to cook a hotdog once but just set his arm on fire. Jesus, hold with a rubber glove next time!

  • Nate Drobek

    A: First

    B: Disqus Blows
    C: Linky no workie to source
    D: Guessing lighting does strike in the northern and southern poles, but they don't have any equipment to record them there?

  • what's wrong with disqus?

  • Bing Chandler

    Not sure about the poles, they may not get convective storms of the intensity you do nearer the equator due to the lack of surface warming.  There do seem to be a few strikes on the Antarctic coast which would presumably be from storms formed at sea.

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