Never The Same Place Twice: Lightning Strike World Map

April 18, 2012


Note: Larger version HERE for a better view.

This is a world map of lightning strikes as measured in lightning flashes per square kilometer per year. And the winner is...the heart of Africa! Congratulations, now we need to find out a way to turn that into usable electricity. You know how they say lightning never strikes the same place twice? Well that's a lie. Because one time I was talking to this old-timer at the bar and he told me he'd been struck twice -- both times in the head. I believe him too. He said the second bolt made his pecker stop working, and that's not something you lie about to make people think you're cool.

A map of where lightning strikes most across the globe [io9]

Thanks to Rezah, who tried to harness lightning to cook a hotdog once but just set his arm on fire. Jesus, hold with a rubber glove next time!

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