Needs More Rainbows: The Unicorn Constellation

April 17, 2012


Now I know what you're thinking, and no, you can't change your astrology sign to be a unicorn (trust me, I asked my tarot reader).

This is a shot of the unicorn constellation. While you can't deny it's beauty, if you call something the unicorn constellation I better see some f***ing unicorns.

Hit the jump for a guide to spotting the unicorn, which I failed at -- HARD. I couldn't even tell which way was up.


Full Res Shot from NASA
The Unicorn Constellation is just as beautiful as you'd expect [io9]

Thanks to Carol, who agrees Leo is the best constellation. No arguing, it just is.

  • Robin Manford

    Like Travis said, the photograph is of the Cone or Christmas Tree Nebula, which is IN Monoceros but doesn't constitute the entire constellation by any means.  Fail article.

  • Guest

    Reminds me when I was cooking tomato soup once, I swore I saw a unicorn in that soup.

    Anyway that thing in the middle looks more like a unicorn lion than a horse.

  • Ryan Grennan

    I see two unicorns, a small one on top rearing to the side and another bigger one rearing right up in your face. This can mean only one thing, one spotted us and it is pissed. Mark my words in a few thousand years Earth is going to get a Unicorn horn shoved up it's Antarctica!

  • Pwitty!

  • n11

    That is awesome. I spotted the unicorn fairly easily.

  • Travis Cody Fischer

    Hold up GW! This is actually only a small portion of that unicorn constellation. The picture is of NGC 2264, a catalogue-y name for 'The Cone Nebula'. In the constellation, this nebula's coordinates are : 
    06hr 41.0min (x axis) +09.54 degrees (y axis)It is about .75 degrees in diameter, so it's much smaller than that entire constellation.

  • PolleN112

    That's a star chart for Monoceros "the unicorn", I can totally see a unicorn in the nebula in the picture. It's just above the blue cluster of stars. It sort of looks like a Rapidash.

  • Levan Lomidze

    So... Where is it?

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