Needs More Explosions: 'Push To Add Drama' TNT Viral Ad

April 11, 2012


This is a viral ad for the TNT network in Belgium. Basically they set up a button in a random Belgian square then waited for somebody to push it. When someone finally does a whole choreographed shitstorm goes down (plus a girl on a motorcycle in lingerie). I think people were warned what was gonna happen though. Because there's some gunfire, and, unless you know something is 120% fake, when you see someone with a gun YOU HIT THE F***ING DECK. That said, I'm always afraid I'm gonna get caught up in some flash mob or prank like this and wind up killing everybody with my ninja sword before I realize it was a joke. Stab first and ask questions later watch the news back at the safe-house -- that's my motto.

Hit the jump for the commercial.


Thanks to philip, el Deco, Oliver From Canada, AndoDo and 10:GU, who would have run screaming then driven a tractor trailer right into the middle of everything.

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