Name That Movie: The Alphabet Of Superhero Films

April 23, 2012


Hot on the heels of last month's sci-fi movie alphabet, comes this superhero movie alphabet by Stephen Wildish (not Stephen Wildest, who just ate a lit firecracker). You have to guess the name of the superhero movie based on the character depicted. It's really not that hard. Here -- I'll get you started. A is for...okay, now who's that supposed to be? F*** IT YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN.

Thanks to bb, who tried telling me L was for 'Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the'.

  • Jason Edwards

    Um, problem. Yellowjacket has yet to appear in any movie, so "Y" is invalid.

  • Brandon

    Well, at least the character in 'L' was played by an actor from that Indiana Jones movie.

  • NutSpark

    A - Amazing Spiderman
    B - Batman (the Joker)
    C - Captain America
    D - Daredevil
    E - Electra
    F - Fantastic Four (the Thing)
    G - Green Lantern
    H - Hellboy
    I - Iron Man
    J - Jonah Hex
    K - Kick-Ass (Hit-Girl)
    L - the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Allan Quartermain)
    M - the Meteor Man
    N - Nick Fury: Agent of Shield
    O - Orgazmo
    P - the Punisher
    Q - Quicksilver (cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine)
    R - RoboCop
    S - Superman
    T - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Raphael)
    U - Unbreakable (Elijah Price/Mr Glass)
    V - Venom (Spider-man 3)
    W - Watchmen (Silk Spectre)
    X - Professor Xavier (X-Men franchise)
    Y - Yellowjacket (Hank Pym, member of Avengers, but not in the movie)
    Z - Zoom (Mega Boy)

  • Brandon

     So it's supposed to be characters that appeared in superhero movies? With the exception of Yellowjacket, unless that's a spoiler...

    And when was Quicksilver in Wolverine? I missed that. Of course, I only watched that shit fest once.

  • Ryan Sweeting

    Thats The Hass(eloff) remember when nerds were still in HS and Spiderman shot balls of yarn

  • NutSpark

    Cool, I thought it looked like the Hoff, but don't have any memory of him as Nick Fury (which considering I remember Salinger as Cpt America, Lundgren as the Punisher, Hammond as Spider-man (with the eyes of his costume looking like they were pieces of a colander) and of course Ferigno/Bixby as the Hulk, is rather surprising to me)

  • vadersapp

    I may be stupid, but I'm not sure about "N," "L," "P," "Q," "Y," or "Z" although I really feel like I should know "P"

  • zeroneuronsfiring

    P is Punisher

  • Z is the movie Zoom
    and there is a movie called Venom that is out now but it is not a superhero movie

  • Mcfeely, perhaps you shouldn't take a breath before you post your PBR and Parliament cigarette driven rants. 

    He's just trying to say that he did these "Alphabet" things before they were like cool. 

  • McfeelySmackup

    I'm officially sick to death of these "alphabet", "minimalist", and "8 bit" people call yourself artists, but you have the creativity of a TV show based on the real life of celebrities.   It wasn't interesting the first time someone did it, so why do you think anyone is going to care the hundredth time?

    This one fails on both the "done to fucking death" level, and fails at its basic premise.  It confuses character names with movie names?

  • FUCK ME... So completely accurate, I only came here to comment and say the same thing. These were only VERY mildy interesting to begin with... like 5 years ago. They are not creative and they have no use whatsoever. NONE. This is not creative and it's getting annoying that people still waste time on this shit. I want to find the source and have a serious conversation about his/her life choices.

  • jesus christ. thank god someone brought this up

    actually stopped coming to geekologie (as much as i used to) cos of these shitty minimalist posters and whatnots.

  • Ben Bariteau

    Is Q for Quicksilver and V for Venom? Neither of those are films, I don't think.

  • Jason Edwards

     psssst! Venom was in Spider-man 3.

  • Bill Billings

    That's correct, I caught that too. Supposedly "Venom" is a movie in the works however, but not out or given a start date for filming yet. Also what is "Y" is for Yellowjacket (aka Hank Pym, Ant-man, etc.) which is not a movie. Not sure what "U" and "Z" are either?

  • Travis Meidell

    U is unbreakable. Don't know what Z is. 

  • Slurm_Cola

    O is for orgazmo.

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