'Map Of The Dead' Zombie Apocalypse Survival Aid

April 11, 2012


This is a shot from Map of the Dead, a Google Maps based program that highlights useful information in the event of a zombie apocalypse. You know, stuff like highly populated "danger zones" to avoid, as well as worthwhile stores to loot like gun shops, gas stations, and liquor stores. "Liquor stores? For what, Molotov cocktails?" Molotov cocktails, no -- tropical cocktails. I'm just gonna sit on my porch chugging them until the zombies show up, then blow all their undead heads off with a shotgun until I'm down to a single shell. "Then?" Meet my maker. "Jesus!" No...that's his son. Did your parents never send you to Vacation Bible School?

NOTE: You may need to type in an address and click 'SURVIVE' before any icons show up.

Map Of The Dead

Thanks to Jason, Medusa Nebula, Bradley B, sam and THRiLL KiLL, who agree the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to be prepared....to leave earth in a rocket ship.

  • The great thing about this map is that it allows you to print maps. The bad thing is that the colors of the map are bad... it's too dark and the printed maps do not catch light very well.

  • Glad to see people developing such things. Hope we never get to use them for real, but still reassuring to know they exist!

  • CynicMimic

    I live in a city with a population of 7.8 million. I have found 1 gun shop and 2 military bases. 

    A small town in Texas with a population of 150k has 2 gun stores and 14 military bases.

    I'm moving.

  • I bet all the classy zombies go to Musso and Frank.

  • why is Oklahoma City such a hotspot? as opposed to say...Miami or Mexico city?

  • This'll be very handy if the internet is still up.

  • JayStrang

    I don't get any of those little location tags when I try and use it.  No matter where I look.  Wonder if my plugins or some shit are out of date.

  • Geekologie

     you have to type in an address and click 'survive' before any of them show up

  • JayStrang

     Tried that.  Still nothing.  Weird.

  • Gary_Arizona

    .....why were you searching "dinosaur pornography" on the map?   still think you were at google?

  • LaShae Williams

    omg dfl

  • Geekologie


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