Look At What You've Done To Yourself!: Ukranain Girl Fulfills Dream Of Becoming Real Life Barbie Doll

April 25, 2012


This is 21-going-on-6-year-old Valeria Lukyanova (links to her Ukranian Facebook-y thing with LITERALLY 10,000 more photos of Little Ms. Vain). Valeria always dreamed of being a real life Barbie doll. And now, after numerous surgeries, she's finally realized her dream AND CAN HOPEFULLY MOVE ON TO ACTUALLY DREAMING ABOUT SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. Wow, of all the dreams in the world to come true of course it's squandered on the girl who wants to look like Barbie and not everybody hoping for a cure for cancer. "That little bitch." *pointing* That girl said it, not me!

Hit the jump for more pictures of the WTFery than you could shake a cheeseburger at (although someone should certainly still try).














Thanks to killahertz, who was trying to explain to me how much hotter Stoya is except I have no idea who that is and wrote him off as your run-of-the-mill internet pervert.

  • Octavian

    She actually believes she is an alien sent to earth to enlighten humanity. You should watch her you tube videos

  • macy

    All of you shouldn't be so mean. That's her choice if she wants to look like that; that's her dream. She probably she's this online and cries. Who are you guys to judge her.

  • macy

    I wish I looked like that

  • hillsniper

    so imagine your sitting there trying to have sex with this girl but then during climax she says " OOO ken"

  • fuck dat bitch

    her facial expression is life-less which is the scariest part about her fucked up retarded look

  • Suspicious Character

    Barbie looks less dead in the eyes.

  • ivana

    Glad i am able to leave a comment. Im sorry, but let me quote her for you before you judge. "I believe that each person has his/her own mission in this world.

    My mission is to bring light into this society, because this society
    Is so grey and boring...
    There is nothing new in this world.
    Everything goes to standards.
    Its the Sansara-the wheel.

    I try to open peoples' eyes and to show them that there is no need to follow
    these stereotypes of society.
    It is necessary to develop in your own personal way.""

    Also, people TOLD HER she looks like a barbie, and she plays with it, why not? this doesnt mean anything. but i find it even more funny how STUPID and dense people are. :)

    Do your homework,[research] close minded children.

    - Ivana from Toronto canada

  • Women who do this look incredibly CREEPY!!!

  • Mark

    its a barbie !!

  • chanel

    i think she is cute. very very small but she actually does look like barbie.

  • i think i take her for a long ride

  • mandymayy

    Ya know, maybe you should take the time to read some interviews with her, or maybe watch a video or two of her.
    Judging her for the surgery she's had to look this way is just as vain and just as bad as judging someone for the way they look naturally.
    Yea, it's creepy, but this is what she wanted. She actually seems like a really nice person... with an actual personality. I'm glad you have so much time to sit around and talk bad about people for doing what makes them happy.
    You should feel ashamed of yourself.

  • marco

    Oh great... this is really gonna fuel the angry feminists

  • Robert Belcher

    Apart from the eyes, she doesn't look that bad. Not in the least REALISTIC, but still.

  • Theres no way she is natural. If that was her dream, then she achieved it. However, she doesnt need to tell people she didnt have any surgeries..its clear from the before and after photos she had quite a bit of surgery.

  • llhouiie

    is she the canadian girl who was eliminated from ms.world because of a rumors the she is a transgender ??

  • donnell

    i would still bang her!!!

  • Guest

    Wow, she looks really weird. Guys, if you want to know more about ukrainian girls - you're welcome right here - ukrainian girls

  • It is her life, and I have to admit, I can't stop looking at her, which is what she wanted. Mission accomplished on her part. She DOES resemble Barbie, and why not? This must be money in the bank from Mattel. cha-ching

  • she's beautiful.... your just
    jealous cause your ugly... okay that was her dream and she made it happen shouldnt that matter enough!?!? she may not be taken seriously but really? who are you to judge -_-

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