Lamborghini Debuts New SUV At Bejing Motor Show

April 24, 2012


The guy on the far left: he's filming the scantily-clad car models.

You know what the problem with Lamborghinis is? Not enough room to haul stuff. Enter the conceptual Lamborghini Urus, a 200-MPH SUV from the Italian manufacturer who's cars used to give me boners in the early 90's. And still might. As a guy who drives a 2001 Explorer Sport that's about to rattle itself to pieces, I've got to admit -- I like SUV's. I like being able to haul stuff, you know? Plus I do a lot of camping. "You've never been camping in your life." Well, maybe not traditional style camping. "You live in your car, don't you?" installing window treatments this weekend.

Hit the jump for several more shots, including some interior ones, and a video of the car's ridiculous unveiling (read: there's a massive tumbling routine involved).








Thanks to frank, Starboard and Christian, who are all holding out for Lamborghini monster trucks.

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