Japanese Tsunami Ghost Ship Headed For Alaska

April 3, 2012


A Japanese ship, drifting aimlessly in the Pacific for over a year since last year's tsunami, is finally going to come to rest -- possibly on the shores of Alaska or Canada. Unless -- UNLESS -- you and I get to it first and turn it into a pirate ship! *flipping down eyepatch* Yaaaaarrrr, let's do this thing, matey! "Don't call me matey." Yaaaaarrrr, let's do this thing, pencil-dick.

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class David Mosley said Sunday the coast guard dropped a data marker on the ship Saturday so they would have a constant, real-time position on the ship.

"It has the potential to be a hazard, especially with the unknown of what's on board, the direction that the vessel could be travelling."

A Transport Canada spokeswoman said marine currents and winds could make the vessel's destination unpredictable; a warning has been issued to mariners to watch for the potential hazard.

"We will ensure that it does not wash ashore on the Canadian coast," Sau Sau Liu said.

As my tipster Sam pointed out, there's a possibility this thing is being sailed by a crew of radioactive ghost pirates, hellbent on claiming Alaska for their own. "Let them have it?" Hey, I'm cool with it if you are.

Drifting tsunami ship turns north toward Alaska [cbc]

Thanks to sam, who agrees those radioactive ghost pirates better build a f***ing amusement park like one in The Curse Of Monkey Island.

  • Barbara 's ghost

    Has to be more to the story. The CG boards ships all the time. But this
    on they wont go near HUM! I say its radioactive. 2,000 gallons of diesel
    fuel in any body of water ISN'T good.

  • Hanadulset

    wahhh! this is so cool! i don't know why but i'm so fascinated by this. GHOST SHIPS!

  • Richard Martin

    I'd like to see the Sea Sheppards nick this boat and add it to their fleet, maybe it'll be able to keep up with the Nisshin Maru?  you know payback for ramming and sinking their ship the Ady Gil.

  • Sabocat!

    I guess it would be just silly to tow it in

  • They're afraid it's radioactive, though I suspect that the ship left Japan before it got dosed. Anyway if they got close enough to drop a gps on it why didn't they drop some detector too? Richard Martin seems to be the only one who's really thought this through. 

  • artilleryboy

    I wonder if there is a bunch of illegal immigrants hiding somewhere on that boat just waiting to get to their new country. I highly doubt it though

  • Cody Mesler

    all those dead bodies.......

  • PolleN112

    Cloverfield, I bet the cargo hold is just full of Cloverfield, or Godzilla. Either way Alaska is about to get more giant monster-y

  • OH NOE !! ...   "
    especially with the unknown of what's on board" That sounds like no one has the guts to jump into the ship and investigate... OR... claim it his/her (its ?) own !!!  

  • rikster81

    this a better story origin fow the ninja turtles then the bullshit Bay is trying to pull! this how the turtles arrive here along with a rat they followed to land

  • USO spotted by the button right corner of that pic

  • Brian Combs

    The only useful thing coming out of Alaska is oil, and radioactive ghost pirates can pump oil just as well as the living, and have fewer union negotiated benefits. Let them have it. Should reduce the cost of filling up my tank.

  • First

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