I've Already Started Demolishing My Kitchen: The $6,500 Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator

April 12, 2012


This is the $6,500 BrewCave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator from KegWorks. It has shelves for over 30 cases of beer and four kegs, making it the perfect companion for a three-day weekend. And for a regular weekend? Forgo the keg of jungle juice.

Every panel (and the optional floor) has four inches of insulation sandwiched between inner and outer metal skins, so you know the inside of the cooler will remain igloo-cold. Good thing too, because with shelving space for over 30 cases of beer and room for four kegs on top of that, frostiness is your friend.

Speaking of those kegs, this unit has the added bonus of doubling as quite possibly the world's largest kegerator. Everything you need to make this the ultimate draft beer dispensing system is included with your shipment, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor from day one.

Easy assembly, exceptional utility, and extreme good looks...the BrewCave is pretty much a cross between a miracle and another miracle!

Whoa whoa whoa -- "a cross between a miracle and another miracle"? While a walk-in beer cooler is certainly miraculous, it is NOT a miracle crossed with another miracle. A miracle crossed with another miracle would be like, walking on water while simultaneously turning all that water into wine.

Hit the jump for a shot with the door open and a blueprint.



KegWorks Product Site
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Thanks to Julian, who might not have a walk-in cooler but does have quite the collection of styrofoam ones. Hey -- as long as the beer's cold and I didn't pay for it.

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