IV Drip Dispensing Bus Helps Relieve Hangovers In Vegas

April 10, 2012


This is Hangover Heaven, a bus that travels around Las Vegas performing IV-drips for the people who couldn't pull themselves away from the blackjack table at 5AM because the drinks were free. Or maybe you and a stripper kept taking shots together, I'm not here to judge -- I'm here to break your legs. *beating kneecaps* FRANKIE THE FINK SENDS HIS REGARDS.

Meet Hangover Heaven: A bus service offering hydrating, vitamin-enriched IVs that will apparently take you from "I feel like death" to "Let's do some shots!" in a scant 45 minutes.

Assuming you make it back to your hotel after a long night of partying hard on the Vegas strip, the Hangover Heaven bus will gladly pick you up from a number of big name casino/hotels, including the Hard Rock, Paris, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. Too floored to make the trek down the elevator? Hangover Heaven will send someone up to your room, IV in hand...

Basic on-bus service starts at $130, with the premium package going for $200. To get somebody up to your room is $500 for the first person, and $375 for each additional person, making it far more economical to just finish yourself off with booze. You know, I actually used to have a group of nurse friends who would always hook each other up with IV's after a night of drinking. They were weird. *knocking on hotel room door* ALRIGHT GIRLS, WHO'S READY TO GET THIS PARTY START-- what is this, the ER?!

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of Alex "at the hotel I'm pretty sure I had about 30 drinks at least. Around there. It was a pretty ridiculous night I don't really remember too much" explaining the wonders of the treatment.

Official Site
New Vegas bus service to offer hangover cure IVs [autoblog]

Thanks to Casperfro666, who cures hangovers the old fashioned way: staying drunk.

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