Impressive Mega Man X Fan Film Shot For $700

April 6, 2012


Good Friday? Make it a GREAT Friday and watch videos all day on the clock.

This is a Mega Man X fan film shot by director Olan Rogers for $700. That's pretty cheap. Granted not as cheap as my roommate, but he mixes water into the milk carton to make it last longer. It's like, skim skim.

This isn't a perfect video I understand this, this is all independently made I didn't have a lot of money but I decided to do it anyway I had 700 dollars, two green sheets, an amazing prop maker, two actors who worked for free because I didn't have enough money to pay them, they still gave 110% and one awesome friend who busted his butt on the animation side.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and for your support. I HOPE!!!! I did this game justice!

I dunno Olan, for $700 it looks pretty damn good to me. I've paid bar tabs more than that before, and what do I have to show for it? "The memories of a night in jail?" Exactamundo. Speaking of which -- I need to call my parole officer and tell him I'm going to Vegas this weekend AND MIGHT NOT BE COMING BACK.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.


Thanks to Nick H, who plans on making a $700 Contra fan film. Call me if you need a stunt man.

  • Tony Fernandez

    anybody else at first thought that their speakers were going to shit at the intro?

  • Ayame Maxx

    Not bad... it's almost on par with the $200 double dragon fan film on youtube. search double dragon 9.

  • Looking for it now. Thanks for the mention of it. :)

  • Passion is priceless.

  • Too tronish and took everything away that was mega man, The Dr light part was the only enjoyable part :/

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    So Rock Man is a child of the corn... who knew?

  • Spencer Rogers-Greason

    That's pretty impressive for that little money. And obviously all of that was just shot in that one room. The money was probably all for green screen/costumes and possibly some equipment and what not.

    I bet they could make a really awesome looking X movie in Hollywood if they really tried and had a substantial budget. 

  • To be honest, this makes me wish capcom would release another Megaman game on a homeconsole instead of handheld, that would be so damn awesome

  • arcaneaddict

    This is cool and all but last i cheked this wasnt DBZ


    http:// i.imgur. com/eYuJK.png

  • Not sure why but kind of reminds me of Tron (The original)

  • Shane Hudson

    Proto-Man didnt exist in the Mega Man X series

  • enigmaDAEDAL

    Mega Man and Mega Man X do actually share the same canon, seeing as how Zero is a Wily machine. Besides, that entire sequence is a simulation while X is still in his capsule prior to the beginning of the first Mega Man X game.

  • Guyllaume Maheu

    It's ugly.

  • Jeff Slaughter

    of course it's ugly it was made with $700 but at least he tried something on that low budget, if it were full length id watch that movie

  • Joel M

    Was that supposed to be Zero?

  • enigmaDAEDAL

    No, it was Protoman. That was only a simulation that X was experiencing while in his capsule prior to the Mega Man X series. Though Zero and Protoman did share a creator.

  • Azariel_z

    Probably , also wasn't 100 years for X?  And  wasn't Protoman refurbished to become Zero, and destroyed all megaman stuff adn jsut then X was created?

  • JadedIcon

    I have been following Olan Rogers for awhile.  His stuff when he was with Balloonshop was great too.

  • enigmaDAEDAL

    I got really excited with the Dr. Light monologue and the slow build up as it was trucking down the hall...then I got let down as soon as I saw X.

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