Idiot Moron Siphons Gas From Cop Car, Posts To Facebook, You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!

April 19, 2012


The police gave him a free night's stay in the clink! Meet Michael Baker, the 20-year old failure at life who siphoned gas from a Jenkins, Kentucky police cruiser, had his eyebrowless girlfriend take a picture, then posted it to his Facebook. You know, to make it easy as possible for the cops to track him down. Come on bro, at least wear a mask next time. Ooooooor paint your face like your girlfriend's. *cop perusing Facebook* Holy shit -- clowns have been stealing our gasoline.

Thanks to Michael, Quint, Nebuchadnosebleeds, abby and Sak, who siphon gas the right way: with a garden hose. Right?! What was this guy using, a crazy straw?

  • Samus Marie

    :: facepalm :: for him
    moar bright white eye shadow n thick black coal liner for her please!

  • Davey Richards

    smfh...... *waits for the impending apocalypse to come*

  • Mike Sima

    I was just curious....anyone see the tattoo on him that says 'SanTanna'?
    Maybe I am reading that wrong but if I am not WTF is SanTanna?

  • Audrey Barr

    If you are going to use Southern slang, at least spell it correctly. Ant >< Ain't

  • GrueHunter

    Links are broken.  I click on 'girlfriend' but all I get is pics of a white-faced capuchin monkey with ugly, ugly hands.

  • megarar

    No need for the eyebrowless comments....that's just mean.  (Some people have that as an actual condition you know...)

  •  Michael went from being "in a relationship" to "single."

  • stickyarmadillo

    His girlfriend just dumped his butt 45 min ago, status went from relation to single on her facebook wall. This should conclude this guys fail week nicely

  • JadedIcon

    Wow, you weren't kidding about his GF.

  • Proteon

    What happened next, hmmm.  He went and had his Dali Star Wars tattoo touched up?

  • Guest

    If you're going to do something like least wear a mask & use a larger tube! *sigh*  Kids these days are just getting less clever. They do not think before performing the prank.

  • JCB5150

    My eyes hurt reading his profile. SOOOO many typos but then again he brags about being a coal miner and living in a trailer (pics included!) 

  • Christ, his and her friends list looks like a casting call for Trailer Park Boys

  • wrysaryu

    the guys facebook cover image thing is fucking retarded...

  • Arnkell Jónsson

    Don't love me for who i ant?


  • I know!  My inner troll is dying to be set loose on this guy.

  • Waaaaaay ahead ya.

  • Taylor Rowland

    agreed. i'm glad i don't know anyone like this.

  • Audwin Short

    Forrest:  Stupid is as stupid does, Ma'am.

    Bubba's Mother:  I guess...

    Shortwave Industries:  We have a cure for the Stupid Virus... we hope.

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