Idiot Moron Siphons Gas From Cop Car, Posts To Facebook, You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!

April 19, 2012


The police gave him a free night's stay in the clink! Meet Michael Baker, the 20-year old failure at life who siphoned gas from a Jenkins, Kentucky police cruiser, had his eyebrowless girlfriend take a picture, then posted it to his Facebook. You know, to make it easy as possible for the cops to track him down. Come on bro, at least wear a mask next time. Ooooooor paint your face like your girlfriend's. *cop perusing Facebook* Holy shit -- clowns have been stealing our gasoline.

Thanks to Michael, Quint, Nebuchadnosebleeds, abby and Sak, who siphon gas the right way: with a garden hose. Right?! What was this guy using, a crazy straw?

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