I Need A Yoplait IV, STAT!: Yogurt May Make Balls Grow

April 20, 2012


According to a recent study by scientists at MIT, mice fed yogurt grew more luxuriant fur and larger testicles compared to those who ate normal mouse food or the equivalent of mouse fast-food. Haha, and you all laughed at me for eating Activia to keep me regular!

First, the scientists noticed that the yogurt-eating mice were incredibly shiny. Using both traditional histology techniques and cosmetic rating scales, the researchers showed that these animals had 10 times the active follicle density of other mice, resulting in luxuriantly silky fur.

Then the researchers spotted some­thing particular about the males: they projected their testes outward, which endowed them with a certain "mouse swagger," Erdman says. On measuring the males, they found that the testicles of the yogurt consumers were about 5 percent heavier than those of mice fed typical diets alone and around 15 percent heavier than those of junk-eating males.

No clue if the same results could be applied to humans, but you better believe there's one blogger who plans on finding out. *spooning entire cup into mouth* "Um, GW? That's sour cream." But it's SOOOOOO much better! *balls shriveling up like raisins*

Thanks to Ducan, who heard cottage cheese is the REAL secret to male enhancement.

  • asdfasdf

    are they larger because healthy or larger because yogurt gives them painfully bloated testicles or something?

  • Meewok

    Well, a high diet of dairy lead to prostate cancer, and cow milk does no good to the human body anyways, the bigger jewels rather sounds like something's gone terribly wrong

  • he just needs a little TLC... like the bulldog from Van Wilder

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  • Haaaah you said "mouse swagger"... Chime in AC/DC- "And he's got big balls"!

  • This_Update_Sucks

    What?! No NSFW mouse picture! Consider myfeathers ruffled GW!

  •  Yeah, we want to see mouse balls!

  • TBozzly

    Hell yeah, show us some mouse porn!

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