I Miss All The Pixels: Crytek's New CryENGINE 3.4 Trailer

April 16, 2012


This is a teaser demo of CryENGINE 3.4, Crytek's latest gaming engine. So yeah, these are some of the sick graffix you can expect to see in the upcoming Crysis. Unless we're talking about my upcoming personal crisis , in which case it'll probably be a lot more long showers, crying, and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I'm a delicate flower.

Hit the jump for the eye candies.


Thanks to Torry and Bamboozed, who agree the future of video game graphics is 8-bit. 16 tops.

  • Blaze Colvin

    Someone needs to remake IWBTG with this

  • djcorbijn

    It kills me when they dump all these kick ass graphics into the cinematic's but when you play the game, little changes. Yeah, the graphics look great but it's still a very static person walking on a pier looking like someone running from the first Resident Evil. The graphics look great on the gun , the hand holding it and bullets but it still looks like Doom; the old, old Doom. Put as much effort into the actual game and I'll be impressed. Imagine what KOTR would be like if they were more like their commercials.

  • This is a screen shot from the new DIE HARD Video game. Hopefully WIHTOUT Samuel L Jackson.

  • If I worked in Crytek I would keep shouting "MY WILL BE DONE!" every time I pressed the Enter key.

  • Exophrine

    Graphics look great...can it design the game to make it fun?

  • Olemguy

     Nope, and the BF3 campaign is a good example of that. It can however increase immersion.

  • Now I just need to hook up my USB nuclear power source for this engine....

  • Yay, another engine on which my computer will explode upoon attempting to run! I swear to God they make these engines so advanced purely so nobody could possibly own the hardware required to run it.

  • Meewok

    The source engine is still where it's at

  • Yaaay! Now we can have AMAZING graphics for AVERAGE-GAMEPLAY-AT-BEST games! Whoopie.

    Sorry to seem like a negative nancy, but it's kinda sad that this engine will likely only be used on a few games. And even then, the gameplay will be a disappointment. At least it'll look pretty?

  • RareAwesomeman

    kind of seems like you are referring to the crysis series (what else was it used for? I legitimately dont know), I for one really liked those games and multiplayer was pretty fun in both of them. But then again, its all just personal taste.

  • David Lerer

    CryENGINE 1 was used for Far Cry, CryENGINE 3 is being used for Ryse and was used for Homefront 2, but you are right that Crytek is more famous for Crysis.

  • Nathan Taylor

    The entire Mass Effect Trilogy, redone on this engine into one game. I will pay $500 for this. But only if we get better tali romance, and see her out of suit....and XXX love scene

  • Jadis

    I would love to see ME redone like this, at least with the character skins. And a cure for Thane. As far as Tali goes, sure, I'd like to see her with her mask off (in person) and her actual hand not a photo shop cut off of fingers. Does not fit the glove! But the romance with her? meh. She didn't impress me. Too "Oh Shepard, you're so great!" for me.  Is that what you guys want? Really? Lame. 

  • Nolan Lalor

    That wasn't weird.

  • Jake osborn


  • Oh sure, there's oooing and aahing now, but when Skynet starts making iRobot Surrogates of us all while plugging us into The Matrix, we'll wish A.I. never existed...

    Shortwave Industries: We've seen a lot of movies about Robots...

  • Kill_Me_Now

    Why is my dad in the new Crysis game?

  • Pics or it didn't happen.

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