I Bet It's Metal-y: 'Reign In Blood' Slayer Wine

April 6, 2012


This is a Slayer branded wine named after the band's 1986 studio album 'Reign in Blood'. You know, because a lot of people growing up listening to Slayer are older now and have, how should I say it -- more refined palates. Actually I have no clue why this exists and I showed it to my little lady and she thought it was zombie wine which 1. was cute of her and 2. A BRILLIANT IDEA. *Googles 'zombie wine', throws up hands* Dammit, of f***ing course 'Return of the Living Red' already exists.

Product Site
Heavy Metal Wine: Slayer 'Reign in Blood' Red Cabernet Sauvignon [obviouswinner]

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who once made wine out of deer blood but didn't tell anybody at the dinner party and they all got sick and vomited. SO METAL.

  • Icon Beverages

    I was surprised yet really excited when Slayer wine was first introduced. Loved it then and love it just as much now!

  • Wineday

    Whoe's next? First AC/DC now even heavier ! bring it on

  • James Haswell

    Can't order my mail. Useless.

  • Fallyn Mckellar

    I don't like wine at all but I want the bottle.

  • I prefer white wine.

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