H.R. Giger Carved Wood Alien Electric Guitar

April 20, 2012


This a carved wood guitar by Gig Goldstein (Gig -- that's a great rock name!) featuring an impressive alien in the style of H.R. Giger. The guitar took 40-50 hours to complete but would only take a rockstar seconds to set on fire and smash on stage. Back me up, Jimi! "It's all about real showmanship, you know? Cats these days, man...hey, pass that joint." Not until you sign my chest!

Hit the jump for a couple closeups.



Thanks to YouReapWhatYouSow, who -- really?! *planting change* I'm gonna grow a money tree! Jk jk, totally weed.

  • To this day, that chestbuster still gives me the creeps. Solid craftsmanship though.

  • jackie

    Can I buy this? This is a serious inquiry... Have a large alien collection of furniture... want to add this. Please email me. Jmc_pcs@yahoo.com

  • angelobarlow

    you got some bad guitar.

  • Tony Fernandez

    old, but still awesome

  • BLuR


  • spikedeclue

    OMG! I want it so bad!

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