Harry The Hermit Crab Rocks A LEGO Decorated Shell

April 6, 2012


This is Harry ("Hi Harry!"). Harry lives at the LEGOLand in Windsor, England and currently has a shell with a custom LEGO exterior. But he didn't build it himself, oh no, he's just a stupid little crab! No, when Harry was growing too big for his old shell the workers at LEGOLand put a bunch of different options for him to pick from in his tank and he chose the LEGO one. He has good taste! Just like his much larger cousins. Speaking of -- *bashing with mallet* pass the butter and Old Bay.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a short video of Harry scuttling around like a pro.



Bricks and water: Lego loving crab nabs a plush pad in his pond [mirror]

Thanks to laustinspace (I see what you did there!), Armless (who I'm honored still takes the time to send tips) and Kramer (sorry, nothing for you here), who tried making LEGO shells for their turtles but the turtles never switched shells. You, uh, do know they don't do that, right?

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