Han Dropped Out: School Shaped Like Millennium Falcon

April 16, 2012


I remember this circulating the internet like six months ago but I'm gonna be honest when I tell you that I drank a lot and forgot about it. Thankfully, the internet is cyclical (and I'm clean now. Okay, clean-er. Fine, DIRTIER THAN EVER) and it's come back around again. This is Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. From the air it looks like the Millennium Falcon. From the ground? From the ground it just looks like a high school. But from the air -- oh boy -- from the air it looks like the Millennium Falcon. "You already said that." This is Parkland High School in Allento-- "You're losing it, GW, put down the bottle." NO -- we are having a GOOD TIME.

Google Maps Location

Thanks to Luke, Wilmersama, jedi_reject (daaaaaaw), Sam, Crissie91 and powderkeg, whose high schools didn't look like fictional spaceships but did allow juniors and seniors to go off campus for lunch.

  • The architect (clearly a Star Wars fan)  is probably laughing hysterically now, thinking, "Hot damn, it took them long enough to figure out what it looks like from the air."

  • Andyman7714

    If Earth follows standard protocol, that school will just float away with the rest of the garbage.

  • Sean Ellery

    Dear lord... how Big is that place? And why do they need so much parking space!!...?

  • Maggie Hu

    I went to this high school; it was nothing like Star Wars.  Awesome AP History teacher though, who would decorate the classroom in Communist propaganda posters because all that red was, in his opinion, very festive :)

  • Guest

    The landscape & architect designers were obviously Star Wars fans. :D

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