GRILL IIIIIIIIIIT!: Exquisitely Preserved Woolly Mammoth

April 5, 2012


Retroactive warning: deflated-looking woolly mammoth carcass.

This is Yuka, an exquisitely preserved woolly mammoth carcass recently discovered in Siberia. As you can see, it still has its foot pads and a decent amount of its fur. Maybe even enough to make a decent Wookie costume. "I want an Ewok costume." Ugh, I already told you -- you're too f***ing tall to play an Ewok!

"Already there is dramatic evidence of a life-and-death struggle between Yuka and some top predator, probably a lion," leading mammoth expert, Daniel Fisher, told the BBC.

"Even more interesting, there are hints that humans may have taken over the kill at an early stage."

Researchers have yet to determine if these hints -- which include missing bones, serrated markings on Yuka's right flank, and a long, straight cut running down the mammoth's back -- were left by humans over ten thousand years ago, or by the tusk-hunters who discovered the specimen in Russia.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
"Steal the carcass and make a mammoth skin rug for your top-secret lair?"
What the -- how did you know about about my top-secret lair?!
"You talk about it all the time."

One of the Most Well-Preserved Woolly Mammoths We've Ever Found [io9]

Thanks to jacob, who's already on the way to the grocery store for like 200-pounds of lemon butter.

  • Guest

    I'm just happy that when they thawed it, it didn't became a zombie. However I bet the staff are all wearing nose plugs when visiting the beast.

  • Fix yo link!

  • Nick Martinez

    the link provided just goes back to geekologie

  • n_a_a_s

    Good christ!!!!  Someone shanked ALF!!!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Finally!  There's a supplier for any insanely rich people who'd like to have mammoth burgers.

    Incredibly freezer-burned, rotten mammoth burgers!  (only $10,000 apiece!!)

  • jordan314

    And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.

  • Matt D

    CLONE IT!!

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