Girl You Got Hawkeyes: Avenger Characters Eye Makeup

April 30, 2012


Because who needs eyebrows when you can paint them on, here's a series of Avenger-inspired eye makeups from makeup lover Jangsara. Me? I don't love makeups. I love breakdowns. *sobbing* I JUST CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE.

Hit the jump for a shot of all the characters and some closeups. I like Thor. And Nick Fury (it looks like an eyepatch!)









Thanks to bb, who one time put lipstick on her eyelids and still looked fantastic.

  • Patricia Wright

    I love the hulk look nice color combinations-nice experiments with eyes-i have this at where anyone can play with the eye makeup. love this site. thye have also a mobile app

  • Great ideas, very interesting. Definitely, the Hulk design is the best! Great job!

  • lorranny

    lindo maquiagem pena que nao consigo fazer uma igual querria que fazsse lindo ami

  • GirlFromSpace

    THIS is how you do themed eye makeup. I'd like to see this chicks version of Pokémon...

  • these are awesome

  • I am felling very wonder to see all the image you post. Makeup make a man more beautiful I believe to see those image.Nice and informative post it is......

  • TJ

    Quite talented. The Hulk design is my favorite.

  • Paul Parten

    Wow, the Loki one is just enchanting.  The rest are good, but that's just stunning.

  • Guest

    Without knowing what each design represented, I would say that Thor's represents something like an icy fish & Loki's more like a peacock.  Now I must hide, so that the godly brothers don't kick my bum.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    The Hawkeye one really should have made an arrow out of the eyebrow.

  • John Goodson

    Damn that's skillful.

  • Jim Nosrati

    id tap it

  • da1nonlysage

    Why would you tap someone's eye?

  • Vladplaya

    I try everything at least once in my life....

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