Girl Pole Dancing To Portal 2's 'Want You Gone'

April 3, 2012


This is a video of a girl in her dorm room (I miss bunk-beds!) freestyle pole-dancing (I prefer to think of it as pole-exercising so it doesn't have such a strippy connotation) to Portal 2's ending credits jam, 'Want You Gone'. That's it -- a girl dancing to a song from a video game. Sorry, the internet's been about as fruitful as the f***ing Sahara for like a week now and I'm left drawing a blank. "That's a penis." I'M DOODLING PEENORS, YOU GET THE POINT.

Hit the jump for the OMG -- imagine the pole-dancing possibilities you could perform WITH PORTALS.


Thanks to Rich, who only pole dances to the oldies because...I don't know why. Maybe he's hoping to score a gig at the old folk's home. Yeah -- milk those skin-bags out of their retirements!

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