Girl Pole Dancing To Portal 2's 'Want You Gone'

April 3, 2012


This is a video of a girl in her dorm room (I miss bunk-beds!) freestyle pole-dancing (I prefer to think of it as pole-exercising so it doesn't have such a strippy connotation) to Portal 2's ending credits jam, 'Want You Gone'. That's it -- a girl dancing to a song from a video game. Sorry, the internet's been about as fruitful as the f***ing Sahara for like a week now and I'm left drawing a blank. "That's a penis." I'M DOODLING PEENORS, YOU GET THE POINT.

Hit the jump for the OMG -- imagine the pole-dancing possibilities you could perform WITH PORTALS.


Thanks to Rich, who only pole dances to the oldies because...I don't know why. Maybe he's hoping to score a gig at the old folk's home. Yeah -- milk those skin-bags out of their retirements!

  • muzamil
  • Jason Moorrey

    I want to be like her. Look at her body, she is so fit. Now I am thinking of buying a new a dance pole for fitness purpose and I decided to
    take the pole dance class. She totally encouraged me.

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    Those legs!!! The muscle definition is lovely.. I'm jealous :P

  • Ha, I ended up here from the weird rave aerobics post too.

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    It was hard to ignore.. ;)

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  • Many nice guys complain to me: "Why is it that girls like guys who are bad and treat them badly, but only treat nice guys as friends?", "I buy her gifts and drive her to places where she likes to go. But why is it that she says that I'm too nice to her, and left me for guys who are bad?"

  • n11


  • Guest

    I'm a woman that works in professional game development. I think this is just awesome. She's in great shape, and it's really showing off her athleticism. Look at her leg muscles! I run for hours on end to get that same definition - maybe I should get a pole. ^^

    I also have to say to the commenters, women in gaming as only sex objects for guys is a really outdated stereotype. She's showing off a quirky skill in a really geeky way - and I think that is all kinds of great. It's kind of not about you. 

  • I can't agree more with you. Thanks for sounding off about this. I have nothing else to add because you said it all. Great job and thanks. :)

  • I liked it, thought it was beautiful.  :)

  • Not a bunk bed...Bed risers and howd she get by with adding a pole in the dorm...

  • I hope this becomes a thing.

  • Mandy86

    I don't get it. She's obviously very athletic and talented - why not do this for something like gymnastics? I bet she'd be amazing at it, and it's a million times less degrading.

  • Shaun9lives

    Is she wearing 6" clear plastic heals and a thong?  Is she dry humping the pole like a horny marmoset if front of a bunch sleazy middle-aged men, faux-thugs, and douche bags? Is she taking her clothes off?

    Then what exactly is degrading? 

    Pole dancing has become a pretty popular exercise technique.  Judging from her body, and from some of the moves that must require remarkable core strength, it appears to work.

  •  The question is....why is it not degrading damnit....

  • chumpchkin

     Why do you think it's degrading?

  • Joe Ryburn

    Am I the only person that finds the way she does it oddly tasteful?

  • chumpchkin


  • I think it's rad. I think this song from Portal2 would have been awesome for this too:

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