Girl Makes A Rainbow With A Shotgun (Plus Creek)

April 2, 2012


This is Kristi. Kristi speaks with a thick southern accent and is gonna to show you how to make a rainbow with a shotgun and a creek. No clue how many fish died in the process, but my guess is 6-8, two frogs, and a salamander. Impressive work, Kristi, but you know what's even cooler than making a rainbow (plus bonus lead-polluted creek) appear with a shotgun? Making things disappear with a shotgun. Take my toes for instance. One second they were there, the next, POOF, just a mist of blood.

Hit the jump for quick, now blast the leprechaun!

How to Make a Rainbow with a Shotgun [neatorama]

Thanks to Clay N., who claims shotguns aren't for making rainbows, they're for making rainblood. Brutal! Brutal but I like it.

  • Daniel A Sniadoski

    Nice job polluting a stream with lead. Hope nobody tries eating any fish out of there.

    Lead poisoning (and poisoning from other heavy metals -- stop laughing, I know what you're thinking) is not a joke. It takes very, very little to have a permanent affect.

  • Bob Thayer

    Came for the Shotgun. Stayed for the Girl. She's very pretty.
    This is more of a 'slightly funny' than anything else.

  • Adri Zainuddin

    a girl, with a 12 gauge shotgun, rainbows. Now that, ladies and gents, is something i thought i'd never see in a single video.

  • Ralfone

    Ya'll think that's special, you should see my Double barrel, double rainbow!

  • God, use a garden hose like a normal person.

  • Shotgun from the hip?  That's a great way to lose control of the weapon.

  • Aww, I hope she didn't kill any tadpoles. They're just little babies.

  • GW.. bird shot rounds these days are made of steel, so as to NOT pollute the water. Educate yourself fool.

  • TheOtherJK

    BFD. I could do the same thing with no creek, subbing in paint balls for shot. 


  • damn redneck.. thats not how you fish..

  • zakany

    Nothing redneck about that.

  • NameNumeral

    I hope her brother don't have dibs on her.

  • Mighty Molecule

    hot damn they breed 'em good in the red states

  • Boy is that stupid! Same effect could be achieved by hitting the water repeatedly with, practically, anything.

  • Someone jealous she didnt come up with the idea? 

  • Shaun9lives

    Maybe, but you're missing the point.  She's got a frickin shotgun.  Everything is better with a shotgun.  It's like an amp that goes to 11.  I mean, technically one  could kill zombies with a sharp no. 2 pencil, but it's no shotgun.  

  • Leo

    hey y'all, ever kissed your cousin under a rainbow created by a shotgun?

  • I officially love this girl.

  • The_Happy_Jackass

    That's strangely hot!

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