Girl Makes A Rainbow With A Shotgun (Plus Creek)

April 2, 2012


This is Kristi. Kristi speaks with a thick southern accent and is gonna to show you how to make a rainbow with a shotgun and a creek. No clue how many fish died in the process, but my guess is 6-8, two frogs, and a salamander. Impressive work, Kristi, but you know what's even cooler than making a rainbow (plus bonus lead-polluted creek) appear with a shotgun? Making things disappear with a shotgun. Take my toes for instance. One second they were there, the next, POOF, just a mist of blood.

Hit the jump for quick, now blast the leprechaun!

How to Make a Rainbow with a Shotgun [neatorama]

Thanks to Clay N., who claims shotguns aren't for making rainbows, they're for making rainblood. Brutal! Brutal but I like it.

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