Get Your Head On A Superhero Action Figure For $127

April 10, 2012


Do you want your own head on a superhero action figure? Of course you do, YOU'RE A NARCISSIST. One of the worst ones I've ever met (but admittedly most deserving. Geekologie: the feel good okay blog). And now Firebox will make an iffy looking version of your likeness into a 3-D printed action figure head that you can use to replace Superman's, Wonder Woman's, The Joker's, Batman's or Batgirl's. You just send them a head-on and profile shot along with $127 and three weeks later, BWAM!, I forgot I'd wasted money on this.

Hit the jump for the different figures you can choose from and a link to the product site.


Firebox Product Site

Thanks to Linz, Johnathan, Romancing_The_Stoned (nice) and Katie, who agree for $127 those figures better come with a shit-ton of accessories.

  • IpawnprozCarloz

    I would so Get one For Best Gamer in The Whole Entire World Athenewins For the publicity =D

  • $18922249

    Oh Ryan from the Office.... what have they done to your beautiful face?

  • MaxwellMudd

     I'm not going to say they should have used better looking models, but they should have at least used "healthier" looking models.

  • I'm not paying $127 to look stupid! I can do that on my own for free.

  • JayStrang

    So I can get a crappy version of my head... on someone elses body?  An established, well-known character no less?

    Why would I want my stupid head on The Joker's mismatched body?  What could the appeal of this possibly be?

  • MaxwellMudd

     Ha ha, you just called you head stupid!

  • JayStrang

     Compared to The Joker's head?  Hell yes it is.

  • Well, at least he didn't spend that money on more meth.

  • Emmitt Morgans

     Seriously... they couldn't get someone less drug-addicted to be their promotional model?

  • Audwin Short

    Can I get my head on She-Hulk's body??  I also wanted green boobs...

    Shortwave Industries:  We think green boobs are awesome!

  • I also also wanted green I bought a tin of emulsion paint.

  • Shaun9lives

    Pics or it didn't happen

  • Shaun9lives

    Can you really put a price on egomania?  

  •  The model of the head doesnt looks anything like the picture

  • And the head should have been white on the Joker one, otherwise what's the point? You should be able to have the headgear too - headband, mask, character's original hair.

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