Gandalf On Skateboard Casting 'You Shall Not Pass'

April 3, 2012


This is a video of Gandalf longboarding down the street while casting 'you shall not pass' on all the cars stuck behind him. It's KINDA funny, but if I was in one of those cars I wouldn't think so, so I'm kind of up in the air about it. I'm honestly surprised nobody took him out. Or did they? *GW casts 'get well soon', trips over plug to life support*

Hit the jump for the around here somebody would definitely hit you and not think twice about it.

Gandalf Longboarding "You Shall Not Pass!" [obviouswinner]

Thanks to rom and Erik S., both of which would have sped by casting 'up yours, jerk!' with their middle fingers.

  • Matt Le-Khac

    reminds me of merlin when he came back from bermuda in the Sword in the Stone.

  • n11

    Obvious set-up, its all right, could have been executed better.

  • Would have been funnier if the description didn't give away the punchline...

  • One does not simply longboard into Mordor!

  • kevin dijkshoorn


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