Frozen 'Soft Serve' Beer Foam Keeps Your Beer Cold

April 5, 2012


Japanese brewer Kirin has just introduced Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft, a brew with a soft-serve dollop of frozen beer foam on top to keep all the liquid below nice and cool. The machine responsible, which will be released in Japan next month, works by frothing a mixture of beer and air, then flash-freezing it to 23-degrees Fahrenheit and extruding it out like the ice-cream machine at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Mmmm, I'm gonna go puke in the bathroom to make room for more crab legs!

Unfortunately, there's no way to drink the beer without sticking your nose in the frozen slush every time. And, I don't know about you, but I only like sticking my nose in one thing. "Worn panties?" What?! NO -- other peoples' business. I heard Mary slept with a guy she met on the internet on the first date and now he won't respond to her emails!

Hit the jump for a brief video demo.

Frozen beer foam keeps your brew constantly chilled [dvice]

  • Ooooof course its a chinese, japanese dirty knees look at ...these?

  • Rod R

    Needs more waffle cones...

    The Japanese... making your beer colder since... yesterday

  • artilleryboy

    Trust Asia to think up stuff like this.

  • Pffft, I invented this years ago, AND came up with a little plastic insert that fits around the rim of the glass that stops you getting icy foam in your mo'.

  • Guest

    That's quite a treat. Ironically I was thinking about making a snow cone with blue curacao yesterday.

  • Jeez that's all I F*****G need.  Two days after I quit the sauce for good too!  HHHHMMMMMM  Icy froth!

  • NES__still_the_best

    "Unfortunately, there's no way to drink the beer without sticking your nose in the frozen slush every time."

    You could always use a straw, I guess.  I can't personally vouch for whether beer is nasty or not with a straw, though.

  • So now we actually have a non root "Beer" float?

  • I'm intrigued. I'd try it 

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