FPS Russia Guy With (Fake) Machine Gun Quadrocopter

April 23, 2012


Where you're looking: it's not where the quadrocopter is in the video.

This is a video from that fake Ruskie guy of a quadrocopter with an attached machine gun. The video was sponsored by Call of Duty, presumably because the machine gun quadrocopter will be a usable weapon in the upcoming game. It's fake (especially considering the self-destruct at the end), but still worth a watch. Not unlike the celebrity sextape where I CG'd my face on top of the starlet's. "I'm gonna be honest, GW -- you make a good Paris Hilton." Ugh, I wish I had bigger boobs!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Jorge, Michel, Ben, motobike and Christopher, who don't need machine gun quadrocopters to attack their enemies from above because they can all control birds with their minds.

  • Julian

    Wow! What an interesting video! Phew. It made me feel enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Are you the one create that flying object that shoots everything?

  • Anton Temba

    Fooled me

    Its really well done and when I saw it on youtube the first time (I'm subscribed to this guy) , I really did believe it.

  • JayStrang

    Is there supposed to be some appeal in watching some braindead bro who probably couldn't point to Russia on a map, interact with a shitty cartoon toy that doesn't even cast a shadow?

  • Vance Feld

    yes. you should watch him order at McDonalds drive through in a tank while being misogynist at the clerk. awesome.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    I hate this guy. Always have.

  • Guest

    This was an interesting video, even if it was faked.

  • Fake.

    The gun consists of a barrel with a hose attached to it.  There is no action or magazine.  It may be a paintball or airsoft gun, but it's not firing bullets.

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