Fore!: Portal And Minecraft Inspired Minigolf Holes

April 18, 2012


I want that beer and I want it now.

This is a little video game inspired minigolf course built to celebrate Tom Scott's 10,000th day on earth. Where did he live before that? No clue, but my guess is Reaper controlled territory. Also, I really hope we weren't supposed to bring presents because I did not. Add my name to the card you got him? Man, you know what my favorite thing about minigolf is? How drunk I get beforehand. Truthfully though, that's my favorite thing about anything. It's just a shame that, WITHOUT FAIL, I wind up spending the night in the drunk tank. My doctor's convinced I have what he likes to call an 'alcohol monitoring bracelet'.

Hit the jump for the holes doing their thing, but feel free to skip around. Minecraft is the first one featured, Portal hole @ 1:38.

The Amazing Portal-Themed Mini-Golf Hole (With Bonus Minecraft) [kotaku]

Thanks to josie, Brockstar, devon and Ben, who once got kicked out of minigolf for plugging the hole that eats your ball at the 18th so they could play another round for free. Me? I got kicked out for swimming in the lagoon and humping a fiberglass dinosaur.

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