Fair Trade: Machine Accepts Dog Turds For Free Wi-Fi

April 30, 2012


This is a machine in Mexico that, in exchange for your dog's buttnuggets, provides free Wi-Fi for the surrounding area. Sure you could just fill the thing with rocks and it wouldn't know the difference because it's just a stupid machine, but that's what stupid machines are for -- filling with shit and taking advantage of. The concept was developed by ad agency DDB and internet service provider Terra as a way to promote Terra's Wi-Fi services and responsible pet ownership at the same time. Personally, I like to wash my hands before jumping on the computer after handling dog shit, but that's just me and I don't use bags.

Hit the jump for your Spanish lesson of the day.

Thanks to Netta, who heard if you don't pick up after your dog the Geekologie Writer comes and picks it up for you then mashes it under your car door handle.

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