Don't Care, Would Wear: Custom N7 Mass Effect Leggings

April 11, 2012


These are some $75 custom Mass Effect N7 leggings from Etsy seller Peachykiki. I don't care if they're more appropriate for a female Commander Shepard, I'm going to wear them, and I'm going to look GOOD wearing them. I might even shave my legs. But NOT my privates (I almost lost a ball last time).

Hit the jump for an ass shot of the leggings along with some of the other costumes Peachykiki has for sale in her shop including Rogue and Harley Quinn.







Peachykiki's Etsy Shop
Now These Here Are Some Rockin' Mass Effect Leggings [kotaku]

  • Sexy

  • E71

    Nice, the savior of the Galaxy (an Alpha-male), reduced to a girl playing dress-up.

    Well... at least she has a nice ass.

  • Queef4Life

    I would totally tongue fuck their poopers!

  • Azariel_z

    Napoleon Complex anyone?

  • artilleryboy

    Shes pretty hot

  • Ass Effect 3

  • More like Mass Erect 3, ziiiing.

  • Tony Fernandez



  • JimmyThr

    My penis approves

  • exquisite_dead_guy

    Forget the clothes. I would wear the shit outta her!

  • p_shep

    OK, I'm gonna say it:
    Nice ass :)

  • And they make you appear 4" taller, bonus!

  • uma sapa

  • Guest

    Boots and tight pants have a "Futurama" look to them.

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