Damn Yeah I Wanna Get Hurt!: Zipline Roller Coaster

April 9, 2012


This is a video of the the Rattlesnake zipline roller coaster at Florida EcoSafaris. Granted it's not actually a roller coaster, but who cares, if you vacation in Florida and your parents take you to Florida EcoSafaris instead of Universal Studios or Disney World you'll be crying too hard to notice anyway.

Hit the jump for more tree-grazing fun than you can shake a stick at.

Florida EcoSafaris
That Looks Safe.. The Rattlesnake: Zipline Roller Coaster [teachmeawesome]

Thanks to Ben, who wants to be shot out of a cannon. Been there, done that, don't forget to wear fire-retardant shoes.

  • James Rolton

    Oh God make it stop!!!!

  • RDarker

    There's gotta be a weight limit. I mean, it's in Florida for chrissakes.

  • Leo

    This thing is about as fast as a turd sliding down a windshield 

  • I haven't ridden it ... even so, it sucks.

  • Guest

    That does look fun...but I would hate hitting all of those branches.

  • That thing is really shaky...and did I see him hit a tree branch? That can't be safe

  • Guest

     Something like that would have a strict weight limit. Tall and wide folks are at a disadvantage. ( ;__;)

  • Its a line, but its not a "zip" anything.

  • flatspotting

    Could it go any slower....

  • That looks like it fails as a roller coaster AND a zipline!

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