Cell Phone Talking Girl Falls Through 20-Foot Sinkhole

April 25, 2012


This is a video of a girl in China talking on her cell phone when she falls through a 20-foot sinkhole. And for once, I don't blame her. While I generally frown on the use of a cellular device while doing anything other than sitting motionless in a locked room, this girl was just crossing a seemingly ordinary sidewalk. Besides, WHY IS THERE NOTHING HOLDING UP THE SIDEWALK BUT 20 FEET OF AIR? Now I'm no structural engineer, but that sounds like ten feet too many.

Hit the jump for the I TOLD YOU TO NOT STEP ON ANY CRACKS.

Thanks to Ian, Crystal, Richard and abbey, who don't trust sidewalks and for good reason. Same! One time I fell off my skateboard and the sidewalk touched my booty. I didn't even like that sidewalk! (I was in love with a streetlight is the thing)

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