Cat Beating On Automatic Feeder To Score Extra Food

April 26, 2012


Because the internet is drier than dry cat food, here's a video of Milo the cat beating the shit out of his automatic cat feeder to get it to drop some extra fish-shaped kibble. Mmmm, the fish shapes are my favorite too.

We have two cats, Milo (tabby) and Max (black). They are one year old brothers from the same litter. Milo is a big fan of the dry food, Max not so much. Despite the fact that their automatic feeder drops food 3 times daily, Milo smashes into it with his front paws 20-30 times each day in order to knock out some extra snacks. Max has never smashed the feeder.

See? And you all thought I was crazy for pounding on my computer every time the internet goes out. "But Milo actually gets something for his effort -- banging on your computer doesn't do anything." Yes it does too! "What?" Makes me feel good.

Hit the jump for the clever cat in action, bonus slap-fight midway through.

Thanks to baby_lion, whose roar might sound like just a purr today but will one day be loud enough to make you involuntarily lose your bowels. And trust me -- there's nothing worse than losing your bowels (besides finding somebody else's).

  • An old roommate of mine had a cat that loved to pick fights with cupboard doors that had spring hinges, especially between 2am and 5am. Seeing this video brought back my PTSD of wanting to punt that cat through the front window.  

  • Qthedude16

    we need some nerf cat feeders

  • Guest

    ah, pet's learning with associated actions (conditioning) this is the most amusing so far. The cat learned by only beating the machine like an angry & over-stressed employee over a printer is the only way to go to get a free treat.

  • dillerberry

    I like how at 0:18, the cat acts like he is going to walk away, then does the spin move to hit it again lol.

  • Geigh

    Jeez, just feed your fucking cat already!

  • grimbldoo

    They probably already did, do you know cats?

  • Mathias Wilsson

     At least the cat got some exercise...

  • That was rather entertaining.

  • megaluis15

    the slap fight made the video haha xD

  • Tarik Husein

    B.F Skinner can explain that

  • $18922249

    Proof that if cats were three times their size they would eat you. 

  • jacarda

     More like a bobcat

  • PastMidnight

     You mean lions and tigers?...yea they would.

  • He's denting the wall with all that action... o.O

  • grimbldoo

    My cat is much too stupid to do that.

  • Pets resemble their owners ;)

  • grimbldoo

    Lol. In our family, our pets have been the opposites. 

  • jegormeister

    I hate cats.

  • JJtoob

    Show me in this sad clown doll where the bad cat touch you.

  • grimbldoo

    Why would that be?

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