Caffeine Is Life: Animated Heart Container Coffee Mug

April 23, 2012


This is a $12 ThinkGeek coffee mug with a heart on it that turns red when there's hot liquid inside and black when there's not. No word what color it turns if filled with unicorn tears, but my guess is a rainbow. And speaking of unicorn tears... *stirring cat knuckles, dragon scales and a witch's nip into potion* "GW -- what are you doing?!" *drinking* What the f*** does it look like I'm doing? I'M ABOUT TO FLY.

  • Pregnancy
    and caffeine both are not suitable for each other as caffeine is with birth
    risks. Caffeine in large quantities needs to be avoided as they may slows
    down fetus growth. According to one of the source, caffeine during pregnancy
    must be consumed in less than 200mg in daily routine during pregnancy. One of
    the main risks which are linked with the consumption of caffeine is
    miscarriage. It is being considered that risk of miscarriage in those
    pregnant women is high who consumed caffeine in more than 200mg

  • Azariel_z

    Somehow reminds me of Atari's X-man...

  • Hanadulset

    does it work with urine?

  • It turns a funny yellow colour.

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  • Guest

    That is pretty sweet, nice idea for a temperature mug decor.

  • cool. reminds me of the Coors with the blue indicator that lets you know when its "cold" lol

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